We can always be reached through Ralph Losey at Please fill out the form below so that we can let you know about new developments and conferences. We would also like to know a little bit about you, your background in AI, Ethics or Law. We will never release personal information. We hope some of you may also volunteer your time to help in this work, including research, writing and speaking opportunities.

We will listen to all input. We need your help to figure this out, to create basic principles and eventually specific regulations. We also need your help to put on public events to foster dialogue between the conflicting camps and to inspire and educate everyone on the importance of artificial intelligence. All are welcome, not just sea of dudes. Yes, even killer robots can weigh in.

Although was founded by lawyers, it is open to all experts and students. Moreover, as Ralph explains  in his video in Common Ground Lawyer Work, we believe that the role of lawyers in AI Ethics must be one of subordinate team players, not domineering captains. Lawyers are needed to foster dialogue and mediate between the conflicting camps, provide input on ethics and help write the policies. Scientists and other AI experts should take the lead on most of the work, not lawyers and regulators. Our focus is on the center point and helping to keep things moving.

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