2017 UN Conference on AI Ethics in Geneva

For an example of an event much larger than any we have in mind to host, but worth while investigating, consider the AI for Good Global Summit that took place over three days in Geneva, in June, 2017. It was sponsored by the UN’s ITU and the XPrize. (Apparently the event had no connection with the AI For Good Foundation.)

The conference generated a series of interviews and a high quality recorded webcast of the entire event. Of particular interest was the Plenary Session 4: Privacy, Security, Ethics and Societal Challenges, which included a presentation by Francesca Rossi, an IBM research scientist. Rossi spoke on the promise of a symbiotic partnership between machines and humans.

The video of the ITU and the XPrize Conference below explains the need for an AI code of ethics, now, and makes for a good closing summary. Also see ITU and the XPrize Conference Principles, with U.T. Prof. Lynne Parker; Human-compatible AI: Design principles to prevent war between machines and men (ITU Newslog, 6/9/17); short video interview of Russell, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC-Berkeley.

Continue your research into the Ethics of AI by visiting our page of supplemental videos. Watching them all, plus research of the many links on this page, will provide you will a solid foundation of the basic concepts and positions of AI Ethics.

In addition to writing us via our Contact Page, please feel free to leave your public comments below. All are welcome, not just sea of dudes. Yes, even killer robots can weigh in. We are still in the early formative stages, so you can get in the ground floor of early leadership.





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