Common Ground

We think the common ground between the two sides of the current AI ethics debate should be explored and developed. We suspect that one of concerns of the businesses and scientists who would be regulated relates to who will be doing the regulating and concerns about competitive disadvantages. We are all concerned with the dangers of industry groups and governments getting it wrong. Most AI developers would prefer to regulate themselves and are already doing so. While we agree with that basic premise, we also recognize that some government and industry regulation is also inevitable and necessary. Perhaps an independent testing and certification organization will also be developed someday; a kind of Good Housekeeping of AI-Ethics compliance so we do not have to take HAL’s word for it.

The group was founded by lawyers who share this philosophy and want to assist, learn and listen; not take over the process from the people who are developing AI. We believe in a team approach where lawyers are just one small part of the picture. See the video below by Ralph Losey, the lawyer behind this initiative.

Information and Teamwork provided here is for educational purposes only. No legal services offered or provided. See Full Legal Disclaimer.


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